The Motorway

S03E09 Episode 9

In the north-west of England, Sharon and Tony come across a broken-down vehicle on a high-speed slip road but on investigation it's not what it seems. After hitting a crash barrier, the driver has disappeared, and the car appears to contain illegal drugs. Up in the Pennines, an accident blackspot sees four cars collide, bringing the M62 to a stop, while on the M60 in Manchester a driver is left stunned and stranded when a wheel falls off her car.



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A religion is a belief system with rituals. The missionary kopimistsamfundet is a religious group centered in Sweden who believe that copying and the sharing of information is the best and most beautiful that is. To have your information copied is a token of appreciation, that someone think you have done something good.

  • * All knowledge to all
  • * The search for knowledge is sacred
  • * The circulation of knowledge is sacred
  • * The act of copying is sacred.